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Did you know that 60% of Philadelphia’s carbon footprint comes from heating and cooling our homes and buildings? But what if we could slash that to almost zero, save money, make our homes safer, AND be heroes to the next generation, all at the same time? If this sounds good, read on!

Geodelphia have begun a comprehensive measurement of gas leaks in the City of Philadelphia, funded by Sierra Club’s Southeastern PA Group.

To see what we’ve measured, you can find your address on this Google Map. Note that number on the map is for methane level that is calculated by subtracting the ambient methane level from the reading taken in the study, in parts per million (ppm). 

Concerned about a possible explosion near you? You should be!

If you can, please fund a comprehensive study for our entire city. Then share this page with your neighbors.

Geothermal is a tried and true technology which can accomplish all that and more. For 40 years people have been running water pipes underground, then sending them through heat pumps to warm indoor air in the winter and cool it in the summer. Most of the energy needed to do this is going unused, ten feet or so underground – solar energy stored in the earth. Run some pipes down there, add a small amount of power to run the heat pump and you get practically free heating and cooling. And if that electricity comes from renewables like solar or wind, it is almost entirely climate-neutral.

So why didn’t we all switch our oil, coal or natural gas systems to geothermal years ago? Mostly because of the initial cost of drilling into the earth. Yet increasingly there are ways to make this up-front cost manageable, no matter the size of your home or building.

Read more about your particular situation:

Want to help make this happen?

We can use all kinds of people on our side – whether you have knowledge, connections, creativity, technical skills or simply the desire to help make a better future. Find out how you can join us and make Geodelphia – a geothermal Philadelphia – come to life!

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