A selection of material about the importance of geothermal for our heating and cooling needs.

Understanding Geothermal

Federal Government

Geothermal Pricing

How much does a geothermal heat pump system cost? Dandelion Energy provides informative pricing information. Dandelion only installs in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Advocacy Groups
Here’s a good summary of the situation in Philadelphia. Several of our own members have been quoted within.

HEET (Home Energy Efficiency Team), located in Boston

An explainer on why we need to electrify buildings — Electrification 101, credit Green Building United and Philly Climate Works

Considering doing a geothermal project?

We believe these drillers and contractors may be available to help you with a geothermal installation in the Philadelphia area. We provide their names and contact information for informational purposes only. We do not endorse any particular company and remind you to do your own vetting. If you come across additional vendors please send us their information for inclusion on this page. 

We recommend doing your project with an IGSHPA accredited installer. You can verify status by using the Business Directory. Note that many installers will travel from outside the Philadelphia area for residential installation (more so for commercial installations).

Some notes when using the IGSHPA Business Directory.

  • Search the Certified Individual Directory.
  • Search by selecting: Accredited Installer –yes
  • IGSHPA appears to be working on the new directory search capability and it doesn’t include contact information in the search results. Also try their old site:



Educational resources

Here’s a fun TED talk on what it takes to keep a room at room temperature

Page last updated: 3-10-2022