About us

Who are we?

A group of people interested in researching and promoting geothermal energy for Philadelphia and beyond.

Geodelphia and friends at Bartram’s Garden field trip – Summer 2021

We came together out of our concern for the climate, climate justice and the future viability of Philadelphia’s publicly owned gas utility.

After looking at many alternatives, we feel geothermal has the most promise as a responsible alternative to fossil fuel heating and cooling systems. We created a vision and are working to help Philadelphia move towards it.

We meet every Tuesday evening to support each other with these efforts.


To advocate for geothermal technology to heat and cool our new and existing buildings, both commercial and residential. Especially when networked, these geothermal systems are a climate friendly alternative to heating with gas, oil, wood or coal.

To help our city-owned gas utility find a more sustainable path so it can survive through the 21st century, with a strong job presence, a strong balance sheet and the ability to continue serving residents’ heating and cooling needs.

To bring about greater climate justice for residents, job holders and the future generations who come after us.

Founding members


Mehdi Entezari | chair@geodelphia.org

Join us

  • We meet weekly, on Tuesday evenings at 6pm. Contact Mehdi Entezari at chair@geodelphia.org for details.
  • Geodelphia Membership donation is not required but appreciated, payable here to Sierra Club’s Southeastern PA Group. Please select “Geodelphia Membership” in the optional field. Please note that your receipt will say “Sierra Club” even though your donation will be entirely passed through to Geodelphia.

Last update — 6 October 2021